From Canine Camera Mounts to Connective Pet Collars

 - May 23, 2015
With specialized camera mounts, collars and apps, human pet photographers are being replaced by furry counterparts that are able provide more insight into the world as seen through their eyes.

Realizing the potential to capture unique footage from a pet's own perspective, products like the GoPro Fetch and the Action Cam Dog Mount are being introduced. Nikon is one brand that's taking this concept to the next level with Heartography, a collar and camera rig that takes photos when it detects a dog's rising heart beat, aiming to capture moments of excitement. Similarly, Whiskas launched Catstacam so that felines could share the way they see the world on Instagram.

The rise in pets as photographers is being comically addressed in the media with Pet Beauty's #InstaDog and Champion Dog Food's campaign for better looking dogs, which both feature canines taking selfies.