- Oct 30, 2014
These selfie innovations range from bizarre selfie sombreros to camera-fitted bras that will make one's guilty pleasure that much more convenient. Whether you're a fan of the groundbreaking Oscar selfie or simply a person who isn't afraid to post some shameless closeups of your face, you'll appreciate this list of selfie-centric finds.

From viral videos that profess one's love for a stranger to customized products that are equipped with the latest selfie innovations, these photography-inspired finds will appeal to selfie takers across the globe. Standouts from this list include Acer's hilarious selfie hat stunt that gives users a hands-free photo taking experience and POV pet cameras that let you see the world through the eye's of your favorite furry friend.

From Bizarre Selfie Sombreros to Camera-Fitted Bra Garments: