'Selfies At Funerals' is a Questionable New Blog

Just when you thought the selfie craze couldn’t get any worse, there comes the inception of Selfies at Funerals, a Tumblr devoted to, well, just that. This blog is devoted to people with a narcissistic compulsion who can't wait to share their photos long enough to mourn the dead and who can’t resist mentioning their morbid whereabouts.

Unfortunately, dubbing your shot a "depressing funeral selfie" doesn’t really change the fact that you’re still taking a selfie at a funeral, nor does admitting you’re "going to hell." Other particularly crude admissions on the site include a selfie with a photo the deceased and a shot featuring the casket in the background. If you can’t believe people have the audacity to make a duckface on a day of mourning, this vain blog will prove you wrong.