These Disney Instagram Selfies are Picture Perfect

 - Nov 21, 2013
References: blogs.disney
Even Disney characters want to get in on the selfie craze as these Disney Instagram selfies show.

These Instagram pictures imagine what the photos of certain Disney characters might look like if taken in this era. Obvious candidates of who would commit a selfie crime are Ursula, Timon, Zeus and of course Gaston. Less obvious but inspired choices include Mr. Incredible, Tinker Bell, Jack Skellington and the Pizza Planet Aliens. The Disney Instagram selfies are complete with humorous messages such as Mr. Incredible’s "showtime equals selfietime" and some pictures are even "hearted" by well known Disney characters like the three hyenas—Shenzi, Banzai and Ed—from ‘The Lion King.’

It’s fun to imagine a world where all our favorite characters are equally obsessed with the same technology we are, it’s even more fun when the results are this funny.