- Oct 21, 2014
Disney's Moana is the next heroic female character from the House of Mouse. Disney announced a new film, a "sweeping, CG-animated comedy-adventure," will come out in late 2016 that follows a teenage girl who "sets sail in search of a fabled island." Disney's Moana may sound a lot like Elsa and Anna from 2013's Oscar-winning Frozen, which is surely not a coincidence given the movie's massive success.

Disney has received some criticism in the past for its portrayals of its princesses and a lack of women's empowerment. This has changed considerably in recent years, as evidenced by these ideas inspired by other Disney heroines. Frozen is well represented, as is Brave. Other Disney princesses are re-interpreted in adventurous art such as Disney Princess Superheroes and Armoured Disney Characters.

On the Heels of Frozen, Disney's Moana Features Another Strong Female Lead: