Hannah Alexander's Disney Princess Art is Art Nouveau-Styled

This beautiful Disney princess art by Hannah Alexander re-imagines classic characters in the Art Nouveau style. Her series of 20s-inspired art features classic elements of the style like curvy lines, natural organic forms and florals.

Alexander appoints a flower to each princess that holds a symbolic meaning that ties in with their unique story. For example, Alexander paired Ariel with the Lotus flower, because is it representative of the "rebirth" the mermaid goes through. As well, each piece is titled with a single word that sums up the character. 'Curiosity' is the title of the 'Alice in Wonderland' piece.

Alexander's series depicts classic Disney princesses like Snow White, as well as newer additions to the Disney family like Rapunzel from 'Tangled' and Pixar's princess Merida, the protagonist in 'Brave.'