This Disney Princess Crossovers Series is Fierce and Unique

If growing up you always felt that cartoon princesses needed to be more independent and a little more fierce, then you are bound to absolutely love this Disney princess crossovers series.

Created by artist and graphic illustrator Ralph Sevelius, the Disney princess crossovers series is special because the artist combines the cartoon princesses with Star Wars characters.

"I had to look up a good bit of Star Wars reference because I’m not entirely familiar with all their characters, so I borrowed visual motifs from different Jedis such as Asajj Ventress and Kit Fisto," says Sevelius. 

Sevelius turned Elsa from Frozen into a sharp and lean Sith, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty into as Star Wars victim, Jasmin from Aladdin into an exotic warrior, Snow White into the Evil Queen and Rapunzel into a short-haired Jedi.