This Disney Princess and the Frog Features an Edible Tiana Figurine

Baker and blogger Nerdache Cakes created this elegant cake inspired by Disney's Princess and the Frog film. The cake, made from fondant, gumpasted roses and chocolate, perfectly pays tribute to the beautiful princess Tiana.

Nedache Cakes is known for her remarkable talent to turn confectionaries into beautiful works of structural pop culture art. This Princess and the Frog cake replicates the lovely Princess Tiana and her glamorous light green ball gown. Nedache Cakes replicated the animated princess by using chocolate fondant to construct the body and green draped fondant to replicate Tiana's floor-length dress. The fondant detail in Tiana's face perfectly mimics her animated character seen in the film. The cake comes with two tiers adorned with purple fondant, pink gumpaste roses and edible pearl-like beads.