The Blog 'Selfies at Serious Places' Compiles Insensitive Self Portraits

 - Nov 22, 2013
References: selfiesatseriousplaces.tumblr
The blog 'Selfies at Serious Places' catalogues multiple examples of questionable photography. The tumblr compiles pictures people have taken of themselves in somber locations. The sarcastic site calls out those who feel the pressing need to document their experiences in a way that does not imply respect for places like concentration camps, Pearl Harbor, the Berlin Wall or the September 11th memorial to name a few.

While these insensitive self portraits indicate a misguided and narcissistic attempt to share one's life via social media, the existence of this blog also demonstrates how young people value authenticity. In the spirit of fairness, the blog's author also posts responses and explanations from people who have been featured on the site.

'Selfies at Serious Places' is similar to the funeral selfie trend, but has a broader scope.