Goodbody Packaging is Dominated by Appealing Encouraging Text

 - Nov 14, 2013
References: toastcafe & thedieline
Different ideas and features of any given product are deliberately chosen and emphasized by means of different visual strategies by graphic designers. Goodbody packaging demonstrates a preference for the message communicated to the consumer, so the text portion of the pouches was highlighted through the use of typeface, scale, color and layout.

Inside of these resealable plastic bags, one will find utterly scrumptious sweet treats that boast the nutritious classification of "healthy." A small window in the bottom of Goodbody packaging provides a sneak peek at the brownies and assorted baked squares; however, the snacker is overwhelmingly informed by TOAST Marketing that these desserts are GOOD for your BODY. There is no ignoring the plump and vibrant lettering with its direct and approachable advice.