Thalassios Kosmos Packaging Plays with Name, Letters and Contents

Thalassios Kosmos packaging contains seafood products and the designers worked to be quite creative in communicating this. Several very different visual techniques went into the clever work of mousegraphics, giving the branding a thoroughly thoughtful impression.

Beginning with the boxes, the team cut viewing windows to the texture of fishnets, referencing the equipment used in catching and collecting the delicious ocean-dwelling creatures. As for the resealable sacks, old photos of fishermen are incorporated to foster this nostalgic idea of more personal rather than industrial fishing.

Finally, Sea World (Thalassios Kosmos) packaging is stamped with a bit of a visual pun. The Greek letter Theta was pulled from the name of the product and used to construct a unique and iconic logo. The character was given a tail to become a symbol of a scaly marine animal.