Moniker Cycle Horns Give Your Bicycle a Natural Aesthetic Grace

If you think there is just a handful of standard choices for your two-wheeler's handgrips, you were are mistaken. The Moniker Cycle Horns demonstrate that there is still room for imagination in the development of handlebar designs that cater to ergonomics, efficiency and aesthetics.

Taylor Simpson dreamed up the use of genuine deer antlers in the place of porteur, track, North Road or drop handlebars. Interestingly, apart from the natural asymmetry of the horns, the general form of them bears quite a bit in common with a range of more conventional components -- minus the pointy offshoots.

The designer enhanced this eccentric concept by using recycled metal, epoxy and paint to sharpen the product up. Special packaging was also designed for the Moniker Cycle Horns to accommodate their broad and awkward shape.