The Crest Cardboard Wine Bottle Gives Boxed Wine a Premium Look

 - Feb 18, 2013
References: & packagingoftheworld
With the Crest Cardboard Wine Bottle concept, boxed and bottled vinos aren't looking so different. It's a rarity to find a truly high-quality fermented grape beverage in that's sold in a carton, yet this branding scheme by Miiro Seppänen strives to change that.

Predominantly taking the form of a triangular prism, the container is folded from thick stock coated paper and glued securely to seal in its contents. It's been given the hint of a curved contour towards the top to allude to the silhouette of an elegant bottle neck. It's also been accessorized with a realistic PET plastic top for a spout, stopped familiarly with a cork. The Crest Cardboard Wine Bottle fits in with the other products on the liquor store shelf, but boasts more efficient shipping and more potential for printed graphic design.