This Musical Jewelry Box Looks Like It Came Out of a Video Game

This adorable musical jewelry box was designed to look like an 8-bit icon from a video game. An added bonus of its cute designs is the music that plays from it when you open it. It makes a great gift for game lovers so be sure to add it to your list this Christmas!

This treasure chest will keep your jewelry safe and if anyone tries to sneak a peek inside, you’ll be able to hear the fanfare song coming from it. The inside also glows when you open the lid so no burglars will stand a chance. The battery operated musical jewelry box has plenty room for your booty so gather those precious pearls and gemstones!

The musical jewelry box is about the side of both your hands cupped together and it has a deep interior to hold all sizes of precious loot. Its outlined 8-bit edges are so cute you’ll want one for yourself as well as the person you’re shopping for.