Antler Lights by Jason Miller

 - Jan 2, 2008
References: velocityartanddesign
Fake trophies and antler-inspired art has really taken off in the last while. Artist Jason Miller must have been inspired by the miraculous wonders of the animal world when he created this stunning antler light collection.

What many people don't know is that antlers are shed each year, growing back the next year. They rub their antlers on trees when they begin to itch as they naturally loosen, eventually falling off. A new set begin growing immediately, each pair of antlers growing bigger than that of the last year, growing thicker, taller, and often sprouting additional tines.

Although having real antlers would be in no way cruel, Jason Miller decided to use glazed ceramic antlers in his 6 Antler Chandelier ($2,300), 4 Antler Chandelier ($1,700), Wall Sconce ($277.50) and the Antler Table Lamp ($216).

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