From Bejeweled Animal Skeletons to Werewolf Headgear

 - Aug 27, 2011
Wall-mounted antlers and animal busts aren't just for the hunting cabin anymore, as shown by these eccentric taxidermy obsessions. The art form has been adapted by mainstream societies worldwide, and is now a popular interior decorating option. From stuffed faux human parts to cardboard and wooden animal heads, vegetarian and vegan taxidermy alternatives continue to pop up in Etsy stores, museums and swanky abodes -- including the Trend Hunter's Toronto office!

While taxidermy obsessions may have been frowned upon in the past, they've come to play a key part in many fashion editorials, and have even appeared on the hottest runways. As pop and fashion icons like Lady Gaga continue to push the envelope with edgy looks, animal-inspired headpieces are quickly becoming a popular feature of photoshoots and star-studded styles.

From wall-mounted lettuce to roadkill bottle sleeves, these incredible and shocking taxidermy obsessions have something for everyone.