These Goat Bagpipes are Made Out of Taxidermy Goats

 - Oct 28, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
References: urlesque
If you thought the "keytar" was a crazy instrument, then these Goat Bagpipes will blow your mind. Goat Bagpipes are made out of actual goats and sound exactly like a pair of bagpipes should.

Risto Todoroski is a Sydney-based musician/taxidermist responsible for these epic Goat Bagpipes. In the featured video, Todoroski actually plays one of his creations, a sight which is creepy but oddly entrancing.

Implications - It definitely wouldn't appeal to everyone, and I wouldn't recommend playing these pipes to animal rights activists. However, Risto is definitely an imaginative inventor who is breaking ground in the musical world of bagpipes.