From Creepy Cartoonish Taxidermy to Animal Bone Accessories

 - Jun 3, 2013
These 38 terrifying taxidermy creations turn deceased animals into accessories, art and sometimes even clothing. Taxidermy has long been considered an art form but these products take the process of taxidermy to a whole new level.

The reincarnated animal camera takes deceased animals, like armadillos, and turns them into camera holders. The animal bone accessories use animal bones to create fashionable baubles such as rings, necklaces and earrings. For people who want to scare off predators there is even werewolf headgear that will turn your pleasant face into that of a growling wolf.

Taxidermy is often photographed in weird positions for comedic effect, as shown by the personified rodents photo shoot which shows stuffed squirrels doing human-like things such as playing the piano.

With all these examples of terrifying taxidermy-inspired products it's clear that stuffed animals will continue to inspire and produce visually stunning art and eerie fashion accessories.