KristinsCreations111 Re-cCeates Scenarios with Deceased Animals

 - Mar 30, 2013
References: etsy & hautemacabre
Taxidermy is an enjoyable hobby for a lot people and some of those people like creating scenarios for their deceased animal in the form of displays.

Etsy seller KristinsCreations111 is one such person who indulges in taxidermy with great finesse and style. The work she offers is compromised of small critters re-creating scenes in taxidermy. Her ‘Friday the 13th’ duckling display captures something quite magical that is reminiscent of the beloved slasher flick. Her Jason Voorhees display is a great remaigaintion of the masked killer on what he would be like as a machete wielding duckling, but classic movie charaters aren’t the only offerrings she’s created. A maternal scene between two seahorses was also tossed into the mix, which will fit in perfectly for any mother’s day gift.

There are people who still consider the act of taxidermy as something that should be left for the eccentrics, but then again everyone's a bit of an eccentric at some point.