The Steampunk Bobcat is a Futuristic Demon Creature

 - Dec 4, 2012
References: phoenix-cry.deviantart & obviouswinner
When it comes to taxidermy, no one usually starts thinking about creations like the Steampunk Bobcat, which looks like a cyborg that has come back to avenge its death and kill the entire human race. Other than this slightly horrifying prospect, the robotically altered stuffed cat would make a great decorative addition to any room in your home, perhaps right above your bed, watching over you with its piercing yellow eyes as you dream at night.

The leather and gadgetry added onto the body of the Steampunk Bobcat makes it look exactly how I would imagine all bobcats do in the future, so it's possible that the artist Phoenix Cry is responsible for the human race's eventual demise.