From Professor Copperthwaite's Collection of Fictional Travels

 - Apr 15, 2010   Updated: Jul 26 2011
References: telegraph & artsyspot
Taxidermy is nothing new, yet the stuffed prizes from Professor Copperthwaite's collection definitely defies what we thought we knew about this type of preservation art.

This assortment of crazy and imaginative animals include odd creatures like a flying cat, a unicorn, an abominable snowman and a hairy swordfish.

Whether or not these creatures actually exist, wouldn't you love to own one and see how many people you can fool with their existence?

Implications - My favorite by far is the kitten with a set of angel wings as it somehow managed to make an adorable creature even more adorable. If only such a creature existed, I'd become a crazy winged-cat lady in a heartbeat!