From Superhero Rodent Outfits to Monstrous Rodent Plushies

 - Jun 17, 2013
While some people would assume that rodent products are products used to get rid of pesky furry creatures, there actually exists a market of rodent-inspired products meant not to kill rodents, but to pamper them.

Superhero rodent costumes, rodent hats and even rodent cars are being sold all over the world, helping to make everything from gerbils to rats feel loved. One woman from Japan even makes designer rodent ensembles. Her outfits allow gerbils and hamsters to look like everything from ninjas to nuns.

Rodents have also been used to create fashion for humans. This is the complete opposite of designs meant for rodents. These designs take dead rodents and use them to create fashion ensembles and accessories. One designer uses bones from mice and rats to create jewelry, while another takes the entire body of a mouse and puts it on top of a headband, making a morbid and roadkill-esque hair accessory.

While rats and other rodents might not be the most lovable of creatures, these rodent products prove that they are still appreciate, either as pets or fashion statements, making them a key nice fashion industry.