Shane Wilmott Trains Rodents to Ride the Waves

 - Jun 29, 2010
References: telegraph & surfingmice
Australia-based Shane Wilmott creates miniature surf boards that are specially designed to be used by mice. About 25 years ago, Wilmott discovered the ability of rodents to surf the waves and since then, has been breeding and training mice to master their unique skill.

Shane Wilmott has also created a website dedicated to mouse riders and he is planning to offer tips on how to train the rodent to surf through his website.

According to the Telegraph, Wilmott said, "But I made a promise to myself that if one of my mice gets hurt I will stop. I only do it because I feel they are safe. These guys aren't just my pets, they're my mates too so I care about them a lot. It's a really stimulating way for them to live. Much more than just being stuck in a cage all their lives."