Guinea Pig Poo Can Sustain a Small Community

 - Sep 7, 2010
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Two agronomists in Peru, one a graduate of Cornell, are harnessing the power of guinea pig poo to power their home and farm, and using the rest to fertilize their garden. Guinea pigs have long been a food source in the South American country, but this couple has been working to feed these furry creatures well and capitalize on the power of their droppings.

A shed on the property houses 1,000 guinea pigs that produce three tons of feces each month, of which Felipe-Morales and Moreno use 200kg for energy. This small fraction of guinea pig poo can produce three cubic meters of methane each day, powering all electricity in the villa, while the rest of the rodent's byproduct becomes organic compost for this farm and neighbors that buy it from them.