From Canine-Focused Ice Cream to Colorful Cat Apartments

 - May 27, 2013
Animal lovers and pet owners who enjoy spoiling their furry friends will be fascinated by these peculiar pet products. After all, pets quickly become like part of the family, so why not go a little overboard with their toys and treats?

These pet creations include feline exercise equipment, dog-friendly desserts and even hamster couture. Decadent doggy desserts are a great idea, because all dogs have perfected the art of begging. Canine-focused ice cream is a safe way to spoil your dog.

These fantastic critter-inspired creations also include animal cushions and beds, as well as avian bachelor pads. These unusual products focus on making your pets more comfortable at home (and they’re stylish, which is a bonus).

Whether you’re a cat person or a proud puppy owner, these awesome animal innovations will inspire you to pamper your pets.