Save Water with the Eco-friendly Fish 'n Flush

 - Oct 5, 2010   Updated: Jul 14 2011
References: showeringenthusiast & jlryan
The Fish n' Flush brings life to your bathroom decor with its fish tank toilet kit. This extraordinary idea is not entirely about looks, as the tank is also eco-friendly.

The design of the Fish n' Flush consists of two separate reservoirs. One holds water for the fish and the other supplies the toilet. While the reservoir that supplies the toilet is much smaller, it uses less water to flush.

Implications - This Fish n' Flush product is a prime example of modern day technology joining forces with our society's inability to accept previously accepted mundane elements as a standard part of life. The Fish n' Flush is the perfect way for consumers to maintain a steady level of stimulation, no matter where they are.