Omlet Creates Cute Animal Living Spaces for Stylish Pet Owners

 - May 24, 2013
Omlet is a company that produces sleek modern homes for pets, such as hamsters and gerbils. They also make stylish backyard chicken coups for those who are interested in urban chicken keeping. Since fresh eggs are pretty much unbeatable, having an easy to put together chicken coup in your backyard is a great idea.

Omlet’s new line of hamster hideouts is called Qute, and provides these furry critters with two levels to play on. One level contains tiny rodent workout equipment while the other is mostly filled with pellets, making for a comfy sleeping space. This animal loving company has also put out new brightly colored backyard dwellings for bunnies and gerbils, which are very similar in appearance to its neat chicken coup line.

These handsome pet homes provide people with a stylish alternative to traditional cages.