From Unexpected Drive-Thru Pranks to Poutine-Eating Contests

 - Oct 27, 2014
Publicity campaigns are a great advertising strategy, especially when it comes to raising awareness of a product. This tactic tends to involve getting the public, rather than a targeted consumer's, attention in an entertaining way while also somehow integrating the product or service. Depending on where the stunt is staged, however, more specific segments of customers can be reached.

These publicity campaigns are all food-related. This either means the company doing the stunt is in the food industry, or it uses food to appeal to their hungry audience. For example, fashion-focused food trucks use the concept of a food truck to appeal to clothes shoppers. On the other hand, some publicity stunts are very direct with their messaging, such as tiny soda stands and asphalt-cooked meals. Others are using social media to increase engagement, like provocative social campaigns and tweet-fueled rickshaw rides.