McCain Foods Gives You a Free Ride and a Free Jacket Potato

 - Nov 28, 2013
References: prnewswire
McCain foods in London has recently released a campaign for its newest microwaveable ‘Ready Baked Jackets’ potato snacks by creating a ‘Jacket Taxi’ with a huge realistic looking 3D jacket potato on the roof. Also, thanks to the help of potato experts, they have managed to create a giant potato that actually emits the warm, delicious scent of baked potatoes open to the public.

Head of Brand, Mark Hodge, has managed to incorporate people’s appetites into the campaign by making it more interactive and consumer-based. The eye-catching yellow cab will offer free five minute rides (coincidentally, the time it takes to microwave the jacket potatoes made in the taxi) and will even let them try the product in the cab!