From Scented Cookie Boxes to Fragrant Travel Globes

 - Mar 23, 2015
It's easy to attract consumers with sights and sounds, but scent marketing is a little more subtle with its approach. Since the sense of smell is so deeply linked to one's memories and emotions, this is a powerful way to tap into interest. Some of the most creative scent-based marketing campaigns involve experiential shops and events with intriguing smells. In the cases where scent can't be created, such with as an online format, there are still some great tactics for simulating a scent, such as the videos Original Source created on YouTube to mimic the experience of smelling one of its shower gels.

Since smell is integral to the experience of drinking and eating, brands like McCain, Givenchy and the Ritz-Carlton are offering cocktails, interactive posters and car rides that are scented like a particular product.