From Artistic Camper Ads to Bear-Patterned Olympic Taxis

 - Nov 26, 2014
Even though there is no shortage of car commercials out there that are extremely innovative, entertaining and engaging, these examples of advertising in cars do not actually advertise the automobiles they take place in. Instead the cars are used as a vehicle for marketing.

For example, there are many safety-promoting organizations out there whose ads take place in moving vehicles, such as GoPro car crash campaigns, brutal distracted driving ads and driving selfie awareness ads. Others use the speed of cars to market the desirability of their product, like car chase chocolate ads and food-scented cabs. Some brands highlight the emotional element of cars, as seen in heartwarming cab-sharing campaigns, hangover-curing cab rides and vibrant road trip fashion ads. Of course, advertising in cars can also be used for dramatic effect, like Pepsi's reprisal car chase pranks.