Pepsi Devises Another Jeff Gordon Prank to Prove That It's Real

 - Mar 6, 2014
References: youtube & jalopnik
Back in the spring of last year, the Jeff Gordon prank that was pulled for Pepsi went viral, but it wasn’t long for skeptics to call it a fake. Among the non-believers was Travis Okulski, Deputy Editor at Jalopnik, who reached out to stuntmen, gathered evidence and was fairly vocal about proving that it wasn’t professional race car driver Jeff Gordon who was behind the wheel.

Now, Pepsi and Gordon have teamed up again to take Okulski on a wild ride, to make sure he knew the stunt was real. Gordon poses as a taxi driver who has Okulski seated as a passenger in the back seat. The car quickly picks up speed, as the disguised driver decided to speed up instead of pulling over once it’s clear he’s being pursued by law enforcement.

After Okulski does a lot of screaming and begging the crazy taxi driver to slow down, Gordon expertly steers the car into a warehouse, decked out with Pepsi party decorations — Okulski was probably very happy to celebrate that he survived the ride in one piece.