This Video is a Funny Take on Subways' Controversial Chemical in Bread

 - Mar 12, 2014
References: subway-yoga & psfk
Food blogger Vani Hari put a ton of pressure on Subway when she exposed that the azodicarbonamide used in its sandwiches is not only a chemical in bread, but one that's commonly used in yoga mats.

'Subway Yoga' by David Ma and Melissa Stammer is a spoof that adds to the conversation about the controversial food ingredient by having its yogis stand on mats made of real bread, performing yoga poses like "The Flappy Tuna" and the "Downward Dollar Footlong."

In addition to the humorous video, Subway Yoga extends into a full on campaign with its own website detailing each yoga pose in more detail. The Subway Yoga site also provides a template for a "freshly printed breadmat," (a yoga mat printed to look like a sandwich when it's rolled up) which can be downloaded and printed via Cafepress.