From Talking Beer Billboards to Pet Adoption Beacon Ads

 - Aug 18, 2015
While massive posters have been an effective way to advertise in the past, these interactive billboards act as a more significant display method. By interacting with viewers, they create an instant connection which makes consumers more likely to retain their ad message.

Some interactive billboards create humorous conversations by personifying a brand's mascot. This is seen in Shock Top's billboard that features a humanized orange slice, called Wedge Head. This mascot carries on various conversations with passersby. The significance of this ad is that the conversations happen in real time. Other examples like Forever 21's thread-based billboard encourage consumers to submit Instagram images, which are recreated in an artistic way and shared inside various retail locations.

Each of these interactive ad experiences embraces sensory marketing tactics. They allow consumers to enjoy a more personalized brand interaction and strengthen consumer relationships.