These Interactive Ads for French Railways Encourage People to Travel

French Railways' interactive outdoor ad campaign encourage people to travel to places they're passionate about and get outside their comfort zone. The ad consists of unforgettable, larger-than-life 3D interactive installations

The first installation shown in French Railways' video ad is a giant 3D mouth singing opera. The second features a gigantic pair of legs purported to belong to Marilyn Monroe, concealed and occasionally revealed behind a dress that blows in the breeze.

The most fabulous version of the campaign -- in more ways than one -- is a 3D installation of a hairy-chested guy set up in a bus stop. The guy's chest is adorned with a gold-colored scorpion medallion. When someone pushes at the button, disco lights emerge from the bus shelter's ceiling and upbeat disco music begins playing.

The ad was put together by the TBWA Paris ad agency.