Hiut Denim Co.'s Interactive Shop Window Encourages People to Touch

 - Sep 29, 2014
References: weareknit & designtaxi
UK's Hiut Denim Co. brand set up an interactive shop window at a River and Hide store in London, making use of conductive paint to deliver the brand's story. The interactive ad is made up of several brightly colored yellow circles, which "talk" to people passing by when they are touched. In order to encourage people to touch the dots on the window, an audio clip is activated when people pass by, prompting them to stop, look and touch.

Each of the conductive ink circles on the glass store window represents a different facet of the Hiut Denim Co. brand jeans, such as focusing on its history, or how each of the denim pieces is crafted by hand. The interactive installation was created for the Hiut Denim Co. by the Knit agency.