The Unzipped Truth Puts Spray Paint Questions on the Streets of NYC

 - Sep 20, 2014
References: TheUnzippedTruth & adsoftheworld
The Unzipped Truth is a campaign that's designed to get people thinking with cleverly placed spray paint questions in public places, so that a discussion can happen online. The Unzipped Truth describes that it "looks at the world through kids eyes, but answers [questions] with the big mouth of an outspoken city girl whose opinions occasionally get her into trouble."

Outside of a fashion boutique, The Unzipped Truth asks: "Why are we slaves to fashion?" or outside a large fast food chain, it wonders, "Are we getting fatter?" After these questions, the campaign makes use of #TheUnzippedTruth to collect opinions on a variety of subjects, including everything from death to aging, literature, art and politics.