The Cat Transit System Reroutes Kittens Above Ground

 - Dec 28, 2012
References: & designtaxi
California architecture firm Because We Can designed a Cat Transit System to allow furry felines to move freely away from cluttered places to avoid accidents and spillage.

Though cats are quick and nimble, they somehow still end up toppling over important piles of documents or spill glasses on coffee tables. The Cat Transit System avoids this by redirecting the kitty away from busy desks by building a pipe system that reroutes above ground. Portholes or windows, are available at certain intervals to allow the cats to stick their heads out for fresh air, to take a peek or even rest while enjoying the view of their clumsy human owner. Lest the adorable kitten gets stuck inside, the windows are a simple shortcut to rescuing the silly cat without sawing down the entire structure.