From Feline-Shaped Lighting Fixtures to Cat-Centric Home Dwellings

 - Jul 31, 2014
Cat-centric homes, feline-shaped lighting fixtures and cat-eared cushions are just some of the cat lover design finds that are set to appeal to pet owners and decor enthusiasts alike.

Feline-obsessed individuals are sure to enjoy these art pieces, furnishing and elaborate interior designs that are inspired by everyone's favourite furry friends. Standouts from this list of cat lover design finds include designer Ruan Hao's CATable, a furniture piece that is crafted to house one's feline friends.

In addition to its sculptural and modern aesthetic, this sleek desk also features tunneled spaces that are meant for your cat to roam through. Another memorable item on the list is Sanrio's Hello Kitty toaster that makes printed toasts with the cartoon character's face on them.