The Hello Kitty Themed Movie Theatre Leaves Girly-Girls in Awe

For all those lovers of kitties and pink, Ume Complex has come up with the perfect place to enjoy your next movie at the Hello Kitty movie theatre in Nanjing, China.

From the chairs to the walls, the theatre is outfitted almost entirely in pink. Hello Kitty can be also be seen throughout as her adorable portrait is embossed on every of the 116 chairs as well as seen dressed up as different well-known movie characters such as Charlie Chaplin. Even the drinks and the popcorn comes laden with various Hello Kitty designs.

The theatre also offers a special membership for those lovers of the furry critter who won't be able to stay away for long. If you are ever in China, the Hello Kitty themed movie theatre's cute and cuddly atmosphere is perfect for any girly-girl, young and old.