From Adorable Anime Timepieces to Feline-Inspired Bangles

 - Jul 29, 2015
These cat-themed accessories are perfect for the pet lover absolutely obsessed with their furry friend. While any fashion-forward gal can wear diamonds or pearls, it takes a real cat enthusiast -- and eccentric dresser -- to wear these fierce accessories.

Hello Kitty is the most iconic cat known to date. The Japanese feline looks remarkable on LED diamond watches as well as houndstooth clutches. For cat fans looking for a more psychedelic carryall, Irregular Choice's Catnip Clutch collection features a line of multicolored cat clutches while Hot Topic's Dark Star Kitty Backpack sets a laser-eyed black cat on a galactic background.

These cat-themed accessories also include shimmering jewelry such as cat-shaped wedding rings and Anita Ko's gilded Cat Mask Ring.