A New Villa in France Where You Can Get Your Hamster On

 - Nov 20, 2009
References: telegraph & uk.reuters
Apparently, the US isn’t the only country with a renewed interest in hamsters.  France has joined the hamster-mania circuit, by opening up a Hamster Hotel.  For 99 Euros ($148.10), you can spend the night in a room that resembles a hamster cage.  You eat, sleep, basically live like a hamster during your stay, spinning on the wheel, eating grain, drinking from the fountain, and sleeping in the hay!  All decked out in hamster attire.

So, if you are having second thoughts about purchasing a pet hamster for your child this Christmas, for your child’s sake, please don’t.  Otherwise, they may grow up to be hamster deprived adults who act out in strange and unusual ways.