- Oct 7, 2013
Life as a hamster won't look so bad after you've checked out all of these atypical hamster wheels. Okay, maybe that's a lie. Not all of these hamster wheels are designed for rodents. No, some are meant for people, such as the hamster-inspired hotel and treadmill.

The atypical hamster wheels that are for animals put a unique spin on one of the most iconic pet toys. There are hamster wheels that power radios, shred paper and much more. However, the human hamster wheels are the most fun to check out. Boats, parks and even bookshelves have been redesigned in a way that just screams "hamsters."

Whether you're a pet owner or a fan of oddball design, these atypical hamster wheels are sure to strike your fancy in one way or another.

From Floating Human Hamster Wheels to Rodent Exercise Cruisers: