Tredalo by Chris Todd Attempted to Cross the Irish Sea

 - Oct 12, 2012
References: core77
If anyone needed any more proof that the Brits are crazy, they need only take in the Tredalo by Chris Todd. A floating hamster wheel for humans, it was created to allow the 35-year-old creator to essentially walk on water. Yet more noteworthy than his craziness is his generosity. Todd's 66 mile journey across the Irish Sea from Wales to Ireland raised money for the Wiltshire Blind Association.

Built in Bromham, Wiltshire, the Tredalo by Chris Todd, unfortunately, was overcome by the waves and could only make it half-way. Made out of metal, wire mesh and two floats, it is no surprise that the sea overcame it. Nevertheless, the feat and his determination is still commendable.