From Stretchy Coiled Shelving to Cow-Shaped Shelves

 - Jul 25, 2013
Outfitting your home with practical storage units and shelves can make your overall interior decor appear much more sleek and organized, but if you're looking to acquire a more eclectic and unusual look, then these peculiar shelving units will certainly do just that.

Adding shelving units to your wall serves to create a practical place where you can visually display and store any of your little knick knacks or pieces of literature. These peculiar designs however, are not you average bookshelves, but rather feature all sorts of whimsical and distorted designs that will certainly satisfy anyone with a preference for eclectic items.

From bookshelves eerily shaped like spinal cords to wall-mounted designs that are shaped like gigantic faces, these peculiar shelving units will certainly add a unique and eye-catching touch to any interior space.