The Barcode Bookshelf Aligns Novel Spines to Mimic Store Stickers

 - Jul 11, 2012
When you consider that the purpose of a shelf is simply to hold items like novels in somewhat tidy arrangements, you wonder why examples like the Barcode Bookshelf don't crop up more often. Of course, this particular example is remarkably creative and unique, but the concept of having some fun with the manufacturing of furniture is too seldom explored.

Eduardo Wignall thought up this whimsical hardcover cabinet, drawn from inspiration from an unexpected source. Derived from the retail labels stuck to goods for sale, this shelving unit features a row of storage slots that vary in thickness like the lines of a scannable symbol. With the insides painted black, the outside in white, and a series of numbers printed along the bottom, the Barcode Bookshelf undoubtedly references the two-dimensional mark.