Nils Holger Moorman Creates Fun Designs for Book Lovers

 - Mar 23, 2011
References: & houseautomator
Nils Holger Moorman may be considered a living genius by those who love to relax and read. As the designer of the 'Easy Reader' portable bookshelf, Moorman has combined in one package a lounger and bookshelf that can be moved from room to room or from indoors to out. Nils Holger Moorman's invention would be perfect for those who occupy large offices and want to share reading material in a fun way. It would certainly be a conversation starter at the water cooler.

In reality, the 'Easy Reader' is a shelf that could be used for a variety of housewares. The aesthetic of the piece follows a balancing wheelbarrow crossed with an elegant window-ledge seat.The birch wood lounger can hold quite a bit of weight, so sleeping and daydreaming on the Nils Holger Moorman piece is encouraged.