- Jun 29, 2013
These micro social innovations show just what can be done on a small scale. While perhaps this story begins with microfinance, a loan and credit program that is often associated with Muhammad Yunus' Grameen Bank, this SocialBusiness.org top list doesn't simply include those related to microfinance. For instance, Stockbox Neighborhood Grocery, which is based in Seattle, Washington is a "small-format" grocery store. As such, they offer produce to communities located in food deserts.

From finance to toolkits, these micro social innovations offer up small-sized examples of entrepreneurship, making us rethink "think big" while at the same time creating something larger altogether if you do think of social enterprise as movement. And with programs like the Awesome Foundation, it seems that the web is allowing smallness to come forth in mass numbers.

From Finance to Toolkits, Small-Sized Examples of Entrepreneurship: