Each WorldHaus is Built in 10 Days and is Designed for the World's Rural Poor

 - Feb 15, 2012
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Homes are expensive, a reality that leaves millions living without safe, protective and sturdy housing globally. WorldHaus is looking to come up with a sustainable solution to this problem by providing an accessible, eco-friendly alternative that even those in the majority world can afford.

"With a WorldHaus home, a family also can include amenities like clean burning stoves, toilets, and solar electricity systems," the website explains. "WorldHaus' base model – a one-room, 20 square meter (220 square foot) home – can be built in about 10 days at a starting cost of approximately $1,500."

Thanks to partnerships with microfinance institutions and various rural banks, WorldHaus is making it possible for homeowners to pay off their homes at a monthly fee of only $20. They are also working on partnerships with governments and NGOs to develop a solution for those living on under $2 a day through collaborative programs and fair rental agreements with landlords.

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