WildHearts Provides Microloans to Help People Work out of Poverty

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: wildheartsinaction.org
WildHearts is a global charity that is dedicated towards combating poverty through a "teach a man how to fish" approach.

By running microfinance projects in the Majority World, the charity is able to provide microloans and business training to help individuals work their way out of poverty without relying on handouts. WildHearts is committed to promoting the adoption of healthier and more active lifestyles by launching companies that serve humanity.

WildHearts has helped people in over 21 countries, 90% of which are women. Women continue to push through oppression, providing 50% of the world's food while receiving only 10% of the world's income. They are an inspiration, demonstrating how to make the most out of the microloans they receive by impacting their communities in a positive way.

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